The Internet Opportunity for Small Business

The Internet Offers A Small Business an Incredible Opportunity to Market Its Products and Services.

To Realize that Opportunity, However, Many Small Businesses Need Guidance, Leadership and Assistance to Find and Implement an Internet Marketing Strategy that Fits Their Needs and Resources.

Our Mission Is To Help:

To Help Small Businesses Develop, Implement, and Productively Use Integrated Internet Marketing, with a Focus on Content Marketing.

Our Goals:

1. To Have the Knowledge and Ability to Help Small Businesses Implement Content Marketing, Using Web Sites, Blogs, Social Media, email and Other Internet Tools

2. To Provide Ongoing Services to Support Clients in Executing a Content Marketing Strategy


Building on Several Years Experience in Web Site Development, Timberlake Associates is Working with a Number of Small Business Clients to Implement Expanded Internet Marketing Strategies. The Projects include Web Sites, Blogs, Social Media and email Communication.

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